Friday, January 6, 2012


I just love the month of December. I love putting up Christmas decorations. I love the Christmas lights. I love Christmas parties. I love shopping for Christmas gifts for my kids.
I especially love seeing the excitement of Christmas on my kids' faces.

This past month was so much fun. Here is what we have been up to.

We got to have the Anderson Christmas party at my in-laws cabin. Here's a picture of all the cousins.

Carson loves to take his shirt off and he throws a fit when I try and put it back on. I guess he was just trying to show off his muscles with all his girl cousins around. It's amazing how a ping pong ball can make him so happy.

One night for family home evening we put together a gingerbread house.

On Christmas Eve night, Santa decided to drop off a little surprise early. He brought pj's for everyone. Kelli and Carson were so excited.

And yes, Carson has his shirt off again.

Their new pajamas.

And here they are on Christmas morning.

One of the things I gave Chris for Christmas was an oil painting. I started it probably back in the spring. I decided to get it finished and framed for him for Christmas. I spent a big portion of December trying to get it finished on time. So here is the finished product. It is probably one of my favorites.


  1. Ashlee that painting is BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. You are so talented. For real. It's like looking out the window, it's so good. I bet he loved it. That's so funny that Carson always has to have his shirt off. Your kids are so dang cute!

  3. As always, your kids are adorable. Carson is such a studd! Looks like you had a fun Christmas! And that painting....amazing!

  4. that's a beautiful painting! wow!